CKA Story

Culture for Kids in the Arts (CKA) is dedicated to providing access to arts programming everyday, everywhere, and for everyone.  Read more about our organizational story in this Word Document.

CKA Logos

Our logo package includes digital art files for the CKA – Culture for Kids in the Arts logo. The package is available in vector (Illustrator) and raster (PNG) formats.

Program Logos

The packages below include logos in Vector and Raster formats for our six core programs:

Co-branding with HCA

As our founding partner, the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts affords us a place to call home and to make arts happen for all. We often co-brand with HCA to represent the strong connection we share.

Brand Guidelines

The CKA Brand Guidelines establish a pattern for brand colours, fonts, and usage. It helps maintain the integrity of the CKA brand.


We invite you to use the following image resources to represent CKA on Social Media, for events, partnerships, co-branding, and sponsorship activities.


CKA uses the following colours as part of a vibrant and youthful brand. Our bright yellow, orange, and magenta are grounded with a deeper maroon.

Yellow: #eee111Orange: #f28b20Magenta: #ec008cMaroon: #8e1d58