CKA constantly provides me with a apsce where I can hear everybody’s stories. So my story is their story. Sitting there, watching the kids drawing, cutting, exploring, pouring the colours on paper, laughing; sitting there and listening while they talk to each other and to me, hearing all the wonderful, tearful, joyful, fearful, touching stories; watching them being so young, so alive, and so happy and involved when they do what they enjoy; watching the twinkle in their eyes when they try something for the first time, the pride they feel when their artwork is finished, no matter how imperfect to others. That there; the feeling of the moment where all of a sudden, you believe in yourself as a group or as an individual, when you have accomplished something you never thought you were capable of; that feeling is what CKA keeps providing for the children I work with. And I witness these magical moments with absolute joy. Their story is my story.

I’m Setareh and I have been teaching arts to children for more than 10 years. I have joined the CKA Team very recently but I believe deeply in what they have to offer to the kids and I very much enjoy what I am doing with them.