Culture for Kids in the Arts delivers year-round impact via sustainable arts programs for children and youth.

Arts in all seasons

Our programs have been designed to engage and inspire all children and youth, from early infancy through young adulthood. Every child loves the magic of creating, but many children don’t have the opportunity to explore their imagination through a creative practice.

We believe the arts should be accessible to everyone. For this reason, we offer innovative programs and work closely with community agencies. These partnerships allow us to expand our reach, bringing arts into the greater community and more importantly — to remove the economic, social, and regional barriers that can prevent young people from participating in the arts.

Art is transformative: through art young people can discover the joy of expression and creation. They can explore their sense of self while connecting to others. Art can expand their view of the world, transforming the way they see their own potential and that of their community. Art helps children and youth build the confidence to spread their wings and pursue their dreams—and whether they want their wings to be striped, spotted, or paint splattered, we say go for it!