Artasia 2018 marks the start of “glocal”, a 3-year CKA program vision aiming to connect children from neighbourhoods around the world through art and technology.

Beginning in the Hamilton region, Artasia glocal will widen its radius by 2020 to engage voices of children in indigenous and international communities.

With an emphasis on digital tools, Artasia glocal amplifies access to arts, increases cultural impact, and connects children through concurrent arts programming across multiple sites.

In 2018, the Artasia #HereWeArt glocal pilot is a creative platform for children from over 20 sites in Hamilton, Halton, Brant, and Six Nations communities to build a sense of belonging and place, to share their stories, and to break out of their silos to connect with peers in their region.

Led by a team of Artist Apprentices, children engage in ideation and creation, using tactile materials (especially found objects) to form collage works, but also collaborate with digital tools to build a virtual “story box”: a virtual 3D interpretation of their neighbourhood, augmented according to their own vision.

Programming integrates devices and software, including tablets and an augmented reality app (developed at McMaster University by a research team led by Dr. David Harris Smith). These tools encourage children to comfortably and constructively navigate both tactile and virtual spaces.

The results will be exhibited as part of an augmented reality art exhibition at Hamilton’s annual Supercrawl festival September 15 – 16, 2018.