Arts for All creates professional development support and resources for artists and community agency workers. We aim to address the gaps in arts education resources within the community and deepen the capacity for community agency workers, including methods for engaging children in the arts between our programming initiatives.

Arts For All emphasizes the connection between arts education and the healthy whole development of children. It engages and empowers community organization staff and their spaces to create affective environments for the arts. The goal of Arts for All is Arts Everyday, Everywhere, for Everyone.


CKA is strengthening partnerships with community partners so that when artist educators enter the community, staff feel ready to receive arts programming. Feeling ready means that the people who work on the ground with children and youth everyday understand that the arts are important, and are ready to work with us to provide positive environments where children have the opportunity to do many types of activities, including meaningful arts activities through visual arts, drama, music and dance, where they get to tap into their inner world, express their deep emotions and beliefs, and share these with others, so that we can all learn from one another and grow together as healthy, engaged citizens.

Professional Learning Portals

CKA is building our mentorship with you by encouraging ongoing professional development and feedback loop sessions where we participate with you in arts programming, and you participate with us, so that your capacity can continue to strengthen and evolve, and so that we can continue to learn from one another.


Cultural Educator Toolbox Exchange Learning Space

A space for Artist Educators and partnering organization staff to share learnings through inspiration, feedback, anecdotes, video and photos from program delivery and toolbox lesson plan exploration. We want to hear from you!

CETELS is a safe space for internal sharing and reflection and is not intended for a public audience without consent.


Cultural Educator Professional Learning Access Yard

CEPLAY is an online community hub for the dissemination of arts education learning resources and interactive components that build community learning and capacity available online, while offering guidelines for creating enriching environments for arts exploration.


Creating an Environment Site Evaluation Tool

CESET supports creating an environment for arts-ready spaces. It is a tool to help activate the relationship between CKA and the spaces that deliver our programs.

Professional Learning Opportunities

Why Arts Education Matters

There is a reason why human beings have been making art for the 2.5 million years since our early ancestors existed. Though its purpose changes through time, art is a part of who we are, and of what it means to be human. Humans have a need to create, because it helps us to find meaning.

Arts education is an important way of deeply connecting us to the world, and when this happens, we learn how to appreciate the beautiful aspects, as well as to question the not so beautiful parts.

Workshop: Why Arts Education Matters

A one-hour workshop designed for community organization staff to learn Why Arts Education Matters, make connections between arts and the healthy, whole development of children, and engage in meaningful arts activities and approaches.

Why Does Art Education Matter?

PDF Manual (password protected)

Creating an Environment

Focus-ready spaces are community sites where staff receive the arts with enthusiasm, engage with children in activities, and are consistently the sites where everyone has a positive experience. Children are able to benefit the most from these quality experiences in terms of developing the skills and capacities related to the arts in support of their overall human development.

PDF Manual (password protected)

Inquiry in Art

What are the different ways that learning can happen? How can we shape our classrooms to support new ways of learning? Can we deepen our understanding and make connections between arts exploration and inquiry-based spaces?


Inquiry in Art Workshop

This workshop engages all attendees in an experience that emulates an environment for arts exploration and plants a very important seed for thinking about children and their learning.