Kinderfest is an intimate multi-arts festival that supports the emotional and intellectual development of children ages 0 – 6 with aesthetically rich performances designed to captivate and stimulate young minds.

Kinderfest 2018 presented extraordinary performances from Germany, France, South Africa and Quebec especially for Hamilton’s youngest audience!

Early childhood is a formative time, serving as the foundation upon which all of life’s later endeavours are built. To support the presentation of innovative arts experiences to infants, KinderFest partners with the WeeFestival of Theatre and Culture for Early Years to bring internationally celebrated artists and arts companies from Canada and around the world to our community to deepen the network of early years arts activities across the region and to share artistic expertise, knowledge and resources.

Kinderfest also offers workshops and roundtable sessions for artists and educators who work with young children. These sessions provide a variety of approaches and activities to engage infants and toddlers with the arts to support their development. Recognizing the early years as a period of unique opportunity for the development of our children, and enhancing their emotional and intellectual growth through the arts is a long-term investment in a strong and healthy society.

“Music and movement is integral to the developing mind.”

- Vickie Galea, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University