To spread the joy of music and support children with the emotional, intellectual and healthy effects of singing, Culture for Kids in the Arts partners with the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre to bring you the Resonance Choir. We support the creative growth of children with different abilities by broadening their musical horizons and creating a supportive space where they can share a joyful experience with their peers.

Project goals include research parameters to support a baseline evaluation of potential health benefits along with inspirational capacity to spread the joy of music and support children with the benefits of choral singing in an outpatient setting.

Culture for Kids in the Arts (CKA) recognizes that all children have gifts. The Resonance Choir has the capacity to offer a fun and team building alternative to make new friends and share their stories together with peers that face their own difficult and life-changing health challenges. The power of connection with other youth cannot be underestimated.

To instill a sense of pride in their musical accomplishments with their families and friends, the children in the Resonance Choir will have an opportunity to share their voices and inspiring choral performances in celebratory events. CKA invites interested children ages 8 – 18, regardless of ability or knowledge, to join us!


CKA and the Resonance Choir are grateful for the generous support of The Hamilton District Society for Disabled Children. To date, HDSDC has given 75,000 to the choir, making the joy of singing more accessible in our community. Thank you!