Gwen Cottle

Board Chair

Gwen Cottle is the Manager, Sustainability for Loblaw Companies Limited. Gwen is a relatively new Hamiltonian and eager to support the community through her role with Culture for Kids in Arts. She is motivated to improve access to arts programming in the Hamilton area, based on the strong held belief that exposure to the arts at a young age supports brain development and creative problem solving — the exact type of thinking needed to address the societal and global challenges on which her job is focused such as climate change, responsible consumption, plastics, and waste. Gwen holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Political Science specializing in International Relations from the University of Western Ontario, and a Masters of Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo.

Margot Burnell


Margot Burnell is an avid supporter of the arts in the Hamilton area. She is currently the head of Arts at Glendale Secondary school. Margot loves performing in and directing theatre, and she works with many Hamilton based theatre organizations in her spare time. She believes strongly that arts education should be accessible to all children and youth and works to bring down barriers.

Samantha Walker


Sam Walker joined the Board of Directors at Culture for Kids in the Arts in 2019 and is actively engaged in the Hamilton community. She currently works at Mohawk College as an Outreach and Education Advisor, a role that allows her to be fully immersed in the community promoting pathways and opportunities to make education accessible for all. Sam is passionate about breaking down barriers and committed to CKA’s vision to raise awareness about the importance of the arts in our community – culturally, artistically and economically.

Shane Pennells


Shane Pennells is a filmmaker and writer and joined the CKA board in 2019. His education background is in Philosophy, and he has worked with at-risk and marginalized populations for more than 15 years, using the arts brings attention to their voices and stories. He has also done extensive work in the area of media advisory and media theory education, for which he has received both provincial and federal commendations.”